Оur scholars – the best representatives of Srpska and Serbia

Fond Milan Jelic i Dositeja (16)Minister of Science and Technology of the Republic of Srpska and President of Fund dr Milan Jelic, prof. Jasmin Komić, and the head of the Fund Dr Milan Jelic Denis Turkanović attended the reception for 1,000 of the most successful Serbian students, scholars of the fund for young talents of the Republic of Serbia “Dositeja” in Belgrade.

“You and scholars of the Fund dr Milan Jelic in the Republic of Srpska are the best ambassadors of our republic in the world and pledge for more prosper future. Your task is continuous work on the acquisition of new knowledge, application of such knowledge in the economy, engaging in the exchange of knowledge between higher education institutions, research institutes and business organizations, and all this in order to justify given you confidence. Your knowledge and dedication to be a function of rapid restructuring of our economy and the conquest of technologically advanced and innovative products and services, “the minister said in a speech to students Komić.

Taking into account the results achieved both scholarship fund, the minister stressed that Komić Serbian Republic and the Republic of Serbia have built a new generation of talent – a generation that is growing up with the emergence and development of our funds and the generation that will lead the company in the future ahead.

“You, here present generation of scholars for 2012/2013. The Fund “Dositeja” Fund Dr Milan are selected as the best of the best. Your work and dedication you gave a significant contribution to the development of higher education and science in the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian and beyond – winning prestigious awards around the world, “said the Minister.

Ceremony scholarships and plaques to the best students attended the Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia and President of the Fund for Young Talents “Dositeja” Alisa Maric, and the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Serbia Mladjan Dinkic.
Minister Maric said that the time of heroes past and that more believe in knowledge.
“Your progress is the right way forward. Serbia is counting on your knowledge “, said Maric.