Fifth Forum of Scholars of the Fund

V Forum stipendistaMinister of Science and Technology of the Republic of Srpska Jasmin Komić ceremony today (September 4, 2015) opened the fifth forum scholar “Dr Milan Jelic” and on that occasion recalled that in the framework of this fund since its founding in 2007 awarded 1,567 scholarships to students of first, second and third cycles at domestic and foreign universities for a total of 7.9 million.
– It is a serious investment for the development of young and talented for scientific research, art and innovation. The efforts of the Republic of Srpska go in the direction of even greater investment in the future due to the fact that the results achieved scholar show multiple justification – said Komić.

He added that the Srpska Republic today has built a new generation of talent, a generation that is growing up with the development of the Republic and the generation that is the pledge of our safe development prospects.

In addition to the distinguished guests from the political, academic and economic life of the Republic of Srpska, the Forum was attended by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska Zeljko Cvijanovic, who has traditionally welcomed the students with congratulations on their success. She expressed satisfaction with the fact that the Republic of Srpska institutional helped stipends Fund, “Dr Milan Jelic” to achieve their results.

– I am pleased that we have developed a mechanism, which is not the best and perfect, but it is a mechanism to operate the system and to be part of that success – said Cvijanovic and noted that the one thing they will achieve results, and also many other important that this recognize and encourage a certain way, and to contribute to the improvement of what they accomplished scholars.
According to her, made a functional link between the various institutions, which is not perfect, but it helps to scholars find employment within the Srpska in the various institutions and the economy, and that many recognized in certain international organizations.
– This is what we do together, and scholars with much more effort and with a lot more power and personal ambition, is, in fact, mirror Srpska and I think it’s a matter that needs to be nurtured in the future – said Cvijanovic.

During the Forum, promoted and annual scholarship generation 2014-2015. year, as well as the results achieved scholar in science, art and inventiveness, and artists-scholars is organized as appropriate artistic program.

As part of the artistic program performed Lidija Bojinovic and Aljosa Solak, Sinisa Ljubojevic and Mladen Prodan, scholars generation 20014/2015., And David Mastikosa, composer and scholar of the previous academic year.

David Mastikosa, former scholarship fund – composer, performed the premiere in the Republic Srpksoj his composition “Unusual thing” for soprano and electronics performed by soprano Milica Jelicic.

Lidija Bojinovic and Aljosa Solak, students of the Academy of Arts of the University of Banja Luka, performed the composition “Variations in D minor” composer Charles de Beriot for violin.

Sinisa Ljubojevic, a student of the University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Philology and Arts, Department of Music Arts, performed the composition “Barcarolle” in G minor, kompoziora Sergei Rachmaninov on the accordion.

At the end of the artistic program, the audience was delighted Mladen Prodan, scholarship fund in the current academic year – a solo singer, with the song “Lemnto di Federico” (“Crying Federico”) from the opera “Arlezijanka” composer Francesco Chile, with piano accompaniment prof. Sofia Kovacevic.

In the working part of the Forum, scholars have had the opportunity to get information about the programs and activities of the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports of pomoćika Minister of Youth Branka Malešević. This was followed by a discussion on improving policies scholarship Fund, “Dr Milan Jelic” with former and current scholarship holders which will be uvršetene in the next period when the Regulations for scholarships for students.

Agenda of the Forum can be downloaded here