Scholarships for students of I, II and III cycle of higher education system

The basic idea of the Fund dr Milan Jelic is awarding prestigious scholarships to students of I, II and III cycle study, which is based on the relevant Regulations and Public Call for competition. For students of I cycle of studies Fund announces a public competition in October, and for students II and III cycle in October and May.


Grants for students from the Republic of Srpska for studies at prestigious universities abroad

Fund Dr Milan Jelic has launched a new program activity in 2012 which means co-financing of students from the Republic of Srpska who will study at the world’s most prestigious universities in the world.

In early 2013 there will be an international call for awarding grants to students from the Republic of Srpska to study at prestigious global universities.


Alumni network of scholars of the Fund dr Milan Jelic

The goal of the Alumni portal of scholars of the Fund dr Milan Jelic is to promote the success of our scholarship generated, continuously monitoring the development of the scientific and professional careers of our fellows and scholars better connectivity with adequate opportunities for professional and scientific training.


Annual Forum of Scholars

Annual Forum of Fund dr Milan Jelic is activity which each year brings together current and former scholars of the fund for the purpose of their meeting, exchange experiences, information, education and non-formal affiliation with business entities, dosnosiocima decision, the diplomatic corps, distinguished personalities, etc.

Annual Forum 2011

Annual Forum 2012

Conclusions of Forum 2012

Socially-responsible projects of  Fund Dr Milan Jelic scholars

In the future, the Fund Dr Milan Jelic intends, in cooperation with the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports implemented several socially-responsible projects scholarship aimed at building and promoting a scholarship holder of economical, social and cultural development of the Republic of Serbian.