Vision, Misson & Aims


“Scholarships Fund Dr. Milan Jelic holders of scientific and technological, economic and social development of the Republic of Srpska”


Mission Fund Dr. Milan Jelic was encouraging talented young people in the Republic of Srpska to enhance their potential and achieve the results that will be recognized as the intellectual elite, whose knowledge and skills to be the basis for the development of the Serbian Republic.


The objectives of the Fund Dr. Milan Jelic are:

– Awarding scholarships to talented undergraduate and postgraduate students and I, II and III cycles of higher education in the country and abroad,
– Awarding of individuals engaged in scientific – research work,
– Assisting, encouraging and rewarding talented young people who are dealing with invention and innovation, and other socially useful work from a variety of intellectual fields.

This aim is achieved the prestigious award of scholarships, promotion of the results achieved scholarships, support the development of professional and research careers scholarships, providing financial and moral support scholars in achieving above average results